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- an investigation of humans´ fascination with horror

Six women confront themselves with their darker sides. Naively and sincerely they put themselves through attempts that could lead them into situations of horror. As they want to learn how to survive their worst nightmares. In the end it’s not about succeeding but rather about how far they dare to take it. In the search of trying to prepare themselves for the worst, lies an absurd and at times humoristic eagerness to face the evil.

Performed at:

Haut Scene, Copenhagen, Denmark 2015

Sånafest, Hølen Norway 2017

Created and performed by SKOOP: Jessica Berg (SE), Josephine Kylén Collins (SE/USA), Ida Grimsgaard (NO), Mina Lejbølle (DK), Liv Pflug (DK), Hanna Reidmar (SE)

Co-production: HAUT Scene.
Supported by: Nordic Culture Point, The Nordic Culture Fund, Danish Arts Foundation


Photos: © Andreas Strand Renberg



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