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Choreographic work

The skin is the body's largest organ. It is the surface on which we meet the world. The skin defines other peoples first impression of us and it defines the ego, we know. The skin is a limitation and a security. A lot of people do not wish to donate their skin, when they die. Because without the skin you can not recognize yourself. Without your skin you can be anybody.

Dansehallerne, Copenhagen, September 2016


Choreograph: Naja Lee Jensen


Dancer: Juli Apponen
Scenography: Ida Grimsgaard
Light design: Tobias Leira
Sound design: Kristian Hverring
Sound assistant: Tobias Lukassen
Dramaturg: Astrid Hansen Holm
Producer: Nanna Møllegård Madsen
PR: Karen Toftegaard ApS
Graphic designer: Jakob Rønlov
Videotrailer: Calero Photography
Photo for the poster: Camilla Skibrek
Designer of benches: Marianne Glenhammer Vestergaard
Administration: Projektcenteret

Supported by: Statens Kunstfond, Norsk Kulturråd, Nordisk Kulturfond, Fond for lyd og bilde og Knud Højgaards Fond.

Photos: © Calero Photography


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